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You have a strong magnetic pull! With KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of magnetic tools from Eclipse, Sunex, Wiha, Titan, general, Brand KBC, and Magnetool we have what you need for your industrial requirements. Choose from handheld magnetizers/demagnetizers to instantly change your small tool's pull, or an electric demagnetizer for larger parts and tools. Grab a pocket or extension pick up tool for getting into small crevices and retrieving small parts and chips. Use magnetic holdfasts to easily move and separate sheet metal and multilifts to quickly move and gather small metal parts from one location to another. To keep your machine shop floor free of chips and easily fill up your chip bin grab a magnetic sweeper to do the job. Magnetic racks and trays easily attach to your metal work surfaces and machines to add convenient and accessible storage for your frequently used tools without drilling holes. KBC - All Magnetic Tools and Demagnetizers...All The Time