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These are NOT machine accessories. These are machine NECESSITIES. In this day and age, you need to optimize your machine shop's efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability with the most cost effective tools available. KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of machining accessories from Fagor, Mitutoyo, Newall, Aussie, Kurt, Maxi Torque Rite, Edge Technology, Brand KBC, Egana, Fabcel, Royal Products, and Valtra allow you to crank up the volume and the accuracy with small financial investments. So, here are your tips to get the most out of your machine shop and your machines: 1.) DRO's, digital read outs - allow you to upgrade your manual lathes, cylindrical and surface grinders, and milling machines by installing a digital counter value display and scales on 2 or 3 of the X, Y, and Z axis to allow you to zero out or preset a position. This allows you to improve the speed and accuracy of your positioning for set up and machining. You will know with great accuracy where you are on the X, Y, and Z axis. If you like, many units have output capabilities so you can keep quality control records easily without manual logs. 2.) Drawbars - pull the collet into the chuck and squeeze the collet to keep it in position. If you are still using traditional drawbars you should have at least one per manual milling machine so that you don't waste time trying to find a drawbar when you want to change a collet. If you want to save 72-84 hours a year changing collets, then you need a power drawbar. Not only does it speed up your collet changes, but it also eliminates the need to climb a ladder to use a draw bar, so no more bulky ladders around your machines and no more chances of your prized machinist falling off the ladder and a worker's compensation case. 3.) Machine Handles - replace handles on your machines with faster options to eliminate time from one machining operation to another and for setup. 4.) Machine Mounts and Leveling Pads - these machine accessories are definitely set and forget but make a huge difference in the life and wear and tear of your machine for years to come. Machine mounts help eliminate the rock, roll, and vibration of your machine and unnecessary maintenance issues. Leveling pads allow you to level your machine even when your manufacturing facility has uneven surfaces for greater machining accuracy and stability. 5.) Machine Set Up Gages - We have lathe gages and spindle squares. Spindle squares let you square the head of your milling machine quickly. 6.) Milling Heads and Attachments -If your machine head is worn out and not worth repairing you can replace it at a fraction of the cost of a new machine if the bolt hole patterns match. 7.) Phase Converters - When you don't have the right phase in your facility to power your equipment you can change your phase from 1ph to 3ph or from 3ph to 1ph, but you can't change the voltage with a phase converter. KBC offers rotary, stabilizer, and static phase converters from Arco, Cedargberg, and Phase-a-matic. Please remember: when changing phases, you may lose some of the power in the conversion. Let KBC assist you in selecting the right phase converter for your start up and power needs. 8.) Power Feeds - Power up your machine with power cross and table feeds from Align and Servo to turn at a steady pace to improve your machining finish and decrease time between machining operations. Power knee fees eliminate machinist's heavy lifting and turning and can increase the machining capacity by bringing the knee up. 9.) Quill Stops - We've got them. 10.) Safety Shields - How happy will your safety inspector and OSHA be when they see that you have the right latheguards and visorguards on your equipment to protect your machinists from flying chips and other machining debris? Safety shields from Cedarberg and Flexbar can easily be installed magnetically, with C-clamps, or fixed shields. 11.) Tarps and Covers - Protect your equipment when not in use or during transport from dust, dirt, water, and debris to eliminate hours of unnecessary clean up and maintenance. 12.) V-belts - Quick change and adjustable V-belts on hand allow you to ensure the least amount of machine down time. It's cheap insurance for your manufacturing facility. 13.) Way Covers - Protect your vertical milling machine ways from chips, oil, and messy clean ups. KBC - All Machine Accessories...All The Time