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Move it, move it, move it with KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of material handling equipment from Cass Hudson Company, Wesco Industrial Products, Actek, Fowler, Sunex, Earth Chain, Hilman Rollers, Jet, and King Canada. You need to get parts, materials, and equipment from one place to another within your manufacturing facility with the least effort, muscle power, and human collateral. Choose casters to turn immobile equipment into easily moveable items with kick bar, rigid, and swivel options in a wide variety of diameters and materials and up to a 2500 lb. capacity per caster. Drum dollies allow you to move those 55-gallon drums of cutting fluids, oils, and metal scraps around your facility with ease. Eye bolts and hoist rings with up to a 38,000 lb. capacity each, combined with chain hoists allow you to move the big stuff safely - at KBC we move milling machines off skids to prepare for shipping. Hand trucks allow you to pull or push a pile of boxes at one time. Lifting magnets allow you to move metal sheets, bars, and parts. Plus, we have hydraulic and screw jacks, Hilman Rollers to move machinery, pallet jacks to move skid loads of product, roller stands, slings, and more to make the move without strain or injury within the workplace. KBC - All Material Handling Equipment...All The Time