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Screw it! As tool and die makers and machinists, you know that an internal thread is one half of the solution to screw things together. So, when you need threading accessories to assist in tapping holes straight, tapping deep holes, cleaning or restoring a tapped thread, look to KBC Tools & Machinery for die heads, die stocks and holders, tap drivers, tap extensions, tap extractors, hand tappers, tapping guides, tap wrenches, tapping arms, tapping heads, thread chasers, thread cleaners and restorers, and thread repair solutions, and more by Brand KBC, Collis, Walton, Cedarberg, Fisher Machine, Palmgren, Gear Wrench, General, PEC, Reichel, Starrett, Tapmatic, Techniks, Lang, Jacobs, Narex, Procunier, and Tapmatic. KBC - All Threading Accessories…All The Time