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Measuring and Inspection/Micrometers 

You probably already know, but I'll tell you again, that a micron equals .001mm and that a human hair is around 70 microns. To find out if your hair is of average thickness you can choose from KBC Tools & Machinery's selection of micrometers from world class manufacturers: Fowler, Brown & Sharpe, Mitutoyo, Starrett, AMPG, Kurt, Brand KBC, and TMX. Micrometers are traditionally more accurate than calipers as they have a smaller range and can measure depth, length, and thickness of parts for machining. Choose from inside micrometers (interchangeable rod, standard, and tubular styles), laser scan micrometers that offer non-contact measuring and high repeatability without product distortion, micrometer heads, outside micrometers (flat end, interchangeable anvil, indicating, ball end, deep throat, disc, blade, point, spline, screw thread, tube, multi-anvil, and v-anvil), and sets. Most micrometers are offered in mechanical or electronic (with or without SPC output). You can also replace or add different anvil attachments of a variety of shapes to facilitate your measuring application, standards to verify the accuracy of your micrometer readings, and stands for your micrometer for greater measuring consistency. KBC - All Micrometers...All The Time