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Hardness Testers & Durometers

Measuring and Inspection/Hardness Testers 

Ensure your parts hardness with KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of hardness testers and durometers from world class manufacturers, such as: Brand KBC, Starrett, Fowler, Mitutoyor, Rex, and SPI. Use a portable hardness tester or impactor to bring the tester to the part vs. the part to the tester to check hardness of a variety of materials and hardness scales including Rockwell, Brunell, Vickers, and Shore. Choose a Rockwell bench top hardness tester in analog or digital for use in your lab, toolroom, inspection area, or heat treatment facility to measure the hardness of metal and metal alloys. When testing the hardness of flexible materials like rubber, plastic, leather, and wax, choose a portable test durometer. To quickly test hardness or materials on site or internal spots that are hard to reach by hardness testers, use a kit of file hardness testers. KBC - All Hardness Testers & Durometers...All The Time