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End Mills

Cutting Tools/End Mills 

It's all about the chips! When you need to make some chips by slotting, grooving, and milling, KBC Tools & Machinery has the end mills you need for putting your conventional and CNC mills through the paces, such as: 2 flute, ball nosed, miniature ball nosed, ball roughing, corner radius, corner rounding, drill point, miniature, multi flute, roughing, shell, t-slot, tapered, and threaded shank. Also available are end mill sets, angle and dovetail cutters, chamfer and hollow mills, concave and convex cutters, thread mills, and woodruff keyseat cutters. End mills are also available in Titanium Nitride coating for wear protection when milling non hardened steels and Titanium Carbonitride for hardness and abrasion resistance when milling aluminum alloys and cast iron and a variety of other coatings to increase the life of your cutting edges. Choose from Brand KBC, Garr, KEO, Imco, M.A.Ford, Micro 100, Niagara Cutter, Rock River Tool, Internal tool, and more. KBC - All End Mills...All The Time