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Setup and V-Blocks

Measuring and Inspection/Setup and V-Blocks 

When you can't find the set of 1-2-3 blocks you made in your first machining class or the v-blocks you made 5 or even 50 years ago, turn to KBC Tools & Machinery for its full selection of angle blocks and plates, planer and shaper gages, setup blocks, sine bars, magnetic v-blocks, adjustable angle plates, sets, and accessories to give you the precision and accuracy that you need when setting up your inspection, milling, drilling, and grinding applications. Choose from metric and imperial offerings from Starrett, Mitutoyo, Brand KBC, Earth Chain, Brown & Sharpe, Fowler, and Suburban Tool. Planer and shaper gages help eliminate trial cuts and errors by giving machinists a reliable starting point and can be used with a dial indicator to level large plates for planing. Setup blocks drilled and tapped holes allow screw mounting for precision grinding and layout. Sine bars are used for angular inspection and measurement as well as in a vise to set work at a desired angle, setting a milling machine head, or general setup on a milling table with t-slots. Magnetic V-blocks allow you to forget your table's t-slot direction and hold your part wherever you like so you can grind in the V as well as holding cylindrical workpieces for grinding. Also available are extra clamps and bolts. KBC - All Setup and V-Blocks...All The Time