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Optical Inspection Equipment

Measuring and Inspection/Optical Inspection Equipment 

Let's face it even Superman's alter ego Clark Kent had to wear glasses, and although tool and die makers, CNC programmers, machinists, and quality control inspectors are all MRO Superheroes, we can all use a little help seeing the individual hairs on the eyebrows of Franklin Roosevelt on the dime coin. When you need to see with greater clarity and magnification than possible with the human eye, check out KBC Tools & Machinery's selection of inspection mirrors to get around the corners and behind machine parts, magnifying aides (eye loupes, glasses, visors and headbands - great hands free options, and lamps), microscopes with up to 120x magnification, pocket optical comparators, profile projectors (perfect for viewing Franklin Roosevelt's eyebrows and the edge of your special threads with up to 20x magnification), and video inspection systems. Choose from Brand KBC, Donegan, Flexbar, Mitutoyo, SPI, Suburban, General, Steelman, Dazor, Electrix, and Tensor. KBC - All Optical Inspection Equipment...All The Time