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As the world turns so does KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of lathes from Brand KBC, Kent USA, Jet, King Canada, and King Industrial. Choose from manual lathes with a distance between centers of 12” to 160" and swing over the bed from 7" to 47" for light to heavy cuts for cylindrical and round work for driveshafts, convex or concave shapes, cut-off and parting applications, and cutting threads. Add a DRO from Newall or Mitutoyo and a quick change toolholder to make your manual machine and you even faster and more accurate than you already are. Choose a CNC Lathe to eliminate much of the manual machining through Fagor and Fanuc CNC controls. With up to 20 HP, 4500 RPM, and a swing over the bed of 14” to 26", these machines have the power to cut through a variety of metals with speed and within your required tolerances. For smaller jobs, shops where space is a premium, or you just can't make up your mind between two options, a combination lathe-mill, with 20" distance between centers and a maximum distance from spindle to table of 12", may be just the solution as it allows you to easily change from lathe to mill mode, both with forward and reverse settings, for drilling, milling, turning, and cutting threads. A complete offering of lathe accessories, parts, and tooling is available to keep your world turning. KBC - All Lathes...All The Time