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Saw that! Done that! Whatever length and configuration of pitch, TPI (teeth per inch), width, or thickness you need in a bandsaw blade KBC Tools & Machinery can supply you individual welded blades to your specifications or coil stock from Simonds and Starrett so you can weld your own in house. In addition, KBC carries a full line of circular saw blades, hacksaw blades, hole saws and arbors, jig saw blades, milling saw blades, and reciprocating saw blades from Brand KBC, KEO, and Starrett. Whether you are using a handheld drill, drill press, bandsaw, miter, chop, circular, table, or reciprocating saw, we have what you need to make the cut through metal, plastic, wood, masonry, and more for both dry and wet applications. KBC - All Saw Blades...All The Time