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Cutting Tools/Tool Bits and Blanks 

Are you looking a bit blank? At KBC Tools & Machinery we specialize in cutting tools for metalworking and M.R.O. So, when you are looking for tool bits and blanks we have what you need in carbide blanks, carbide tipped tool bits (AR, AL, BR, BL, BT, C, CT, CTR, CTL, COR, COL, D, E, ER, EL, FR, FL, GR, GL, RC, RT, T, TRC, TRE, TSA, TSC, TSE, and more), cut-off blades, rectangular tool bits, round tool bits, and square tool bits in 5% cobalt, M2 high speed steel, T15 high speed steel, and Micrograin from Brand KBC, Triumph, Micro 100, and Precision Marshall. Whether you are starting to machine a tool from a round blank or using a carbide tipped tool bit to turn, thread, cut-off, bore, or turn rely on KBC for all your tool bits and blanks. Here's a handy tip: When trying to decide if the carbide tipped tool bit in your hand is a right or left handed, point the tip towards your stomach. When you look down, if it is pointing to your right hand, it is a right hand tool bit. If it points to your left hand, it is a left hand tool bit. - So simple. KBC - All Tool Bits and Blanks...All The Time