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Drill Chucks and Arbors

Work Holding/Drill Chucks and Arbors 

Get a grip with KBC Tools & Machinery's offering of drill chucks, arbors, keys, and accessories from Albrecht, Jacobs, LFA, Rohm, Collis, Briney, Reichel, Techniks, and TMX. We've got your chucking requirements covered for all your drilling applications from hand operated equipment, drills, jig bores, mills, lathes, and radial drill presses. Choose from key type, keyless, or CAT & BT chucks (which combine the drill chuck and arbor into one unit for greater accuracy and rigidity). Tip: when choosing a key type or keyless chuck, 1. Determine your minimum and maximum capacity needed, 2. Choose: Jacobs or threaded mount, 3. Determine your shank type: BT taper, MT, quick change, R8, straight shank, taper, or V-flange, 4. If you chose a key type drill, buy a magnetic key cad-de, an extra key, or a chuck key holder so you always have your chuck key handy to maximize production time. All Drill Chucks & Arbors...All The Time