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Tool Posts and Lathe Tooling

Work Holding/Tool Posts and Lathe Tooling 

Get the most productivity and versatility out of your lathe with KBC Tools & Machinery's tool posts and lathe tooling selection from Aloris, Armstrong Tools, Dorian Tool, and Brand KBC. With the addition of a quick change tool post and holders to your lathe, you can quickly change from one tooling operation to another (boring, cut off & grooving, knurling, turning & facing, and more), by rotating the tool post to the next position and continue machining. Other lathe accessories and tooling include: grinding carriers, lathe and expanding mandrels, radius tools, Rocker type tool posts, turning & cut off tool holders, and turret tool posts. Tip: If you want to know if a tool bit, used in a standard tool holder, is left or right handed, just point the tip towards you. If it points to the right, it's a right hand, and if it points to the left, it's a left hand tool bit. KBC - All Tool Posts & Lathe Tooling...All The Time