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Hold on tight, we're going for a spin with KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of collets, collet pads, stops, trays and racks, and wrenches by Brand KBC, Lyndex, Royal Products, Techniks, TMX, Mitee-Bite, and Sierra American. Whether you are looking for an individual collet or a whole set, KBC has what you need to get a firm hold on your workpiece for your milling needs from the most popular: 3J, 5C, 5C Step, 16C, ER, R8, double angle, expanding to the hard to find: 3AT, 3C, 21 Brown & Sharpe. Also available are stops, wrenches, arbors, and a wide assortment of trays and racks so you can easily organize your collets to always have the right size on hand for all your workholding requirements. KBC - All Collets & Accessories...All The Time