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Everyone's gotta have at least one vise…mine is potato chips. For all your other vises check out KBC Tools & Machinery's huge offering of vises for all your holding, clamping, and machining needs. Choose from world class manufacturers, including: Brand KBC, PanaVise, Yost, Wilton, Heinrich, Kurt, Palmgren, Ridgid, and Suburban. Whether you are using a tower, gang mounting multi-station milling machine vises or hydraulic vises for use on your CNC, working with PanaVise vises for fine work and assembly, or learning the basics of the trade using a bench vise to hold your first project while you file the edges and your fingers down, KBC has a vise for you. Tips: 1. Replace your standard vice handle on your vise with a hex quick turn speed handle to speed up opening and closing of your vise jaws. 2. Buy pre-ground and drilled soft aluminum jaws for your milling machine vises ready for mounting and machining to customize for your specific holding needs; it's a big timesaver, and the jaws can be machined again and again. KBC - All Vises & Accessories...All The Time