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Hand Tools/Screwdrivers 

Screw it! When you want to screw it in or screw it out, KBC Tools & Machinery has the screwdrivers you need for industrial applications from jewelers, multi-bit, nut drivers, Phillips, slotted, square recessed, to complete sets. Choose from Brand KBC and world class suppliers General, Starrett, Wiha, Klein, Sunex, Felo, Tekton, Titan, Bondhus. By the way, did you know that a slotted screwdriver is also called a chisel screwdriver and you can use it as a chisel? A Phillips head screwdriver looks like an X with its cross-head configuration and it won't slip out sideways because of it. A square recess screwdriver is often called a Robertson screwdriver and was invented in Canada. Its square recess configuration allows it to have great torque when screwing or unscrewing nuts and bolts. KBC - All Screwdrivers...All The Time