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Punches and Chisels

Hand Tools/Punches and Chisels 

Make the right mark with KBC Tools & Machinery's selection of punches and chisels. From arch punches by O'Brien to cut holes in leather, rubber, canvas, cork, paper, gaskets, and soft metals to center punches that find your center and automatically strike a blow when downward pressure is applied, to drive pin punches and transfer punches in both blind hole spotters and transfer screws, KBC has your MRO needs covered to ensure that you are aligned with the job at hand. Chisels are also available to clean waste and slag, shape cast iron, steel, brass, bronze, copper, wood, or stone. Perhaps in between your daily work you will find time to chisel a piece of marble into something rivaling that of a Michelangelo? Choose from Brand KBC, Nielsen, Spellmaco, Fowler, Wilton, General, Starrett, PEC, Tekton, and more world class suppliers of punches and chisels. KBC - All Punches and Chisels...All The Time