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Hand Tools/Hammers 

If I had a hammer…well, at KBC Tools & Machinery you can have your choice of styles, face and handle materials, and weights for any application and ergonomic and safety needs. Hammers are available in ball pein for forming applications, brass, lead, and copper for non-sparking and nonmarring applications, claw for nail pulling leverage, dead blow with steel shot to eliminate the rebound, rawhide and rubber with replaceable faces, and sledge when you need to just destroy something. (Please note do not chew on your brass, copper, and lead hammers as California Prop 65 doesn't think you know that those materials contain potential carcinogens. Heck, I haven't chewed on a hammer since I was a wee one in my father's workshop decades ago.) Choose the right hammer for the job from Shop Iron, Tekton, Vaughan, Wilton, Cook, Nupla, and American Striking Tool. KBC - All Hammers...All The Time