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Grinding Wheels

Abrasives/Grinding Wheels 

The wheels on the machine go round and round. Round and round… Whether you are using bench, pedestal, centerless, cylindrical, feed regulating, surface grinding, or tool and cutter wheels, KBC Tools & Machinery has the bonded, vitrified, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide wheels you need in the right grit, RPM, hole size, diameter, hardness, and thickness to get your grinding job done from CGW, Triumph, and Carborundum. Remember the first few times when you learned to grind a toolbit on a bench grinder and your tool bit flew at you when you placed it too far under the wheel or you ground your fingers instead of the tool bit? Keep your fingers out of the way of all grinding wheels as they really do work better and quicker than hand sanding. KBC - All Grinding Wheels...All The Time