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Dressing and Truing Tools

Abrasives/Dressing and Truing Tools 

Dress for your grinding success with KBC Tools & Machinery's complete line of dressing, cleaning, and truing tools for your grinding wheels and belts. Choose from diamond dressers, dressing sticks, angle and radius dressers, diamond dresser holders, cutter dressers, truing tools, abrasive belt dressers, and fibre disc cutters from Brand KBC, Norton, CGW, Desmond, Handi dress, Superior Abrasives, Yuasa, Suburban Tool, and more to ensure that your cutting edges are sharp, clean, and true. Don't let clogged or dull cutting edges and untrue grinding wheels slow your machining down. Dress and true it! KBC - All Dressing and Truing Tools...All The Time