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Deburring Tools

Abrasives/Deburring Tools 

Save your hands, improve how your pieces fit, and smooth the burr on the flat, curved, outside or inside of your machined part. Every machinist needs a few handheld deburring tools in their toolbox for quick removal of those sharp edges. Whether you are countersinking, slot edge cleaning, cleaning a keyway, deburring an inside or outside diameter, deburring a double-sided sheet KBC Tools & Machinery has all your deburring needs for metal and plastics. You can choose between complete deburring sets or individual blades, holders, and blade holders for manual deburring from Noga and Shaviv. Many of the Noga and Shaviv handles have a storage compartment to hold additional blades for quick change on the job. You can also choose vibratory deburring equipment from Burr King or a chamfering and deburring machine from KBC. KBC - All Deburring Tools...All The Time