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Non-Woven Abrasives

Abrasives/Non-Woven Abrasives 

Oh, you're so buff! KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of industrial non-woven abrasives from Superior Abrasives, Carborundum, Standard Abrasives, CGW, 3M, and Formax will buff, clean, and provide a uniform finish on a wide variety of wood, plastic, and metal surfaces without loading and rusting. Use these non-woven bonded nylon fibers, saturated with abrasive grains, in pads, rolls, belts, discs, stars, and wheel forms in ultra-fine to heavy duty coarse variations to achieve a satin finish on metal, even on irregular surfaces. Non-woven abrasives can be used either wet or dry. KBC - All Non-Woven Abrasives...All The Time