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Hold on there! KBC Tools & Machinery's carries a full line of clamps from the big names in industry such as: Bessey, Great Neck, Jorgensen, Brand KBC, Armstrong, Destaco, Diecraft, JPW Industries, Kant-Twist, Tekton, Wilton, Pony Tools, these clamps let you hold on tight and firm to your workpieces with consistent pressure. Whether you are working to laminate wood and plastic workpieces together with hold down clamps, hold pieces together for welding with C-clamps with anti-splatter copper plated spindles, or quickly clamping or spreading two pieces together or apart with a quick release bar clamp, KBC has the clamps for your metalworking, maintenance, and repair jobs in the shop and on site. Also, available are corner clamps, L-clamps, parallel clamps, and spring clamps. KBC - All Clamps...All The Time