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Toolroom Accessories/Fasteners 

Are you securely fastened in? With KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of fasteners from Stafford, Holo-Krome, Precision Brand, and Brand KBC you'll find the right fastener for your industrial application. Choose from button head, flat head (for use with countersunk holes to be flush with the surface), hex head (for use with a wrench or socket), and socket head cap screws (the strongest of all head types and when you don't have enough space to use a wrench or socket). Also available are hex head drill screws with built-in washer head that eliminate most predrilling for fastening lighter sheet metals together, pan head metal screws, set screws, socket shoulder screws, socket pressure plugs, hex nuts, washers, and threaded rod. KBC has the fasteners you need in both imperial and metric. KBC - All Fasteners...All The Time