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How do you know who the newbie in the shop is? Look for the one who most closely resembles a Smurf with blue stains all over due to forgetting to close the blue layout fluid can. CLOSE THE CAN TIGHTLY! KBC Tools & Machinery has layout fluid and remover, don't forget the remover, so you can coat your part in blue layout fluid in order to scribe your markings where to drill, tap, or cut. KBC also has a huge selection of paint markers, paintstiks, and grease pencils in a rainbow of colors for temporarily or permanently marking your stock or parts for quick identification, sortation, and machining marks. Inspection fluids are also available to quickly identify high spots and faults in machined metal parts. Layout supplies from Aervoe, Dykem, Markal, and Permatex make manufacturing easier. KBC - All Layout Supplies...All The Time