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Power and Air Tools/Power Saws 

Did we just get cut off? With KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of power saws you have the power to cut through most anything. Choose from air cut-off tools to cut plastic, tubing, angle iron, steel rods and grind down burrs, chops saws for straight of 45 degree miter cuts, circular saws and jig saws for precision work with bevel and composite cuts, miter saws with adjustable left and right miters and bevels, portable bandsaws to cut round or square metal stock, pipes, and bolts, reciprocating saws for speed in demolition and both horizontal and vertical strokes with Sawzall being the best known, and a choice of replacement blades to keep you sawing through pretty much everything. World class manufacturers include: Campbell Hausfeld, Florida Pneumatic, Jet, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Jepson. KBC - All Power Saws...All The Time