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You know you can tell if someone is old school, new school, or has good eyesight by his ability to read a vernier, pocket slide, dial, or digital caliper. So, what's your preference for getting the most accurate read of your outside diameters, internal bores, recessed diameters, and any other measure that will mean the difference between being in tolerance and landing on the scrap heap? KBC Tools & Machinery has what you need for your precision measurements dial calipers in inch and metric, electronic calipers with or without handy dandy SPC output for recording your inspections, indicator calipers, vernier calipers, pocket slide calipers that are so small and convenient to keep in your shirt pocket, and spring calipers and dividers for those rough and ready measurements, plus caliper accessories to enhance your caliper's measurement capabilities. Choose from the top names in precision measuring: Brown & Sharpe, Fowler, Brand KBC, Mitutoyo, Starrett, and General. KBC - All Calipers...All The Time