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All Lubricating, Cooling, & Cleaning…All The Time

KBC Tools & Machinery has the right lubricants to make your part move smoothly, the coolants to keep your cutting edge sharp for the utmost machining time, and the cleaners to ensure that your newly machined pieces are ready for shipping and use without contamination. Whether you are machining prototypes or doing a production run, line maintenance, or a sudden repair, KBC’s offerings of adhesives, casting materials, cleaners, degreasers, coatings, paints, coolants and systems, cutting fluids, gasketing products, layout supplies, lubricants and penetrants, lubrication systems, markers, coolant pumps, thread lockers, and sealants reduce the heat, friction, and hassle.

KBC will take care of all your M.R.O. needs from KBC Brand product, name brand suppliers, and world class manufacturers, such as: Tap Magic, Trico, LPS, WD-40, Dykem, Rustlick, Aervoe, MArkal, Exair, Little GIANT, Loc-Line, Synthetic Lubricants Inc., ITW Vortec, LA-CO, Ridgid, KoolMist, Loctite, Zebra Skimmers, and more.

Here are 3 tips to make sure your metal is well lubed, cool, and clean:

1. When using a penetrant to help loosen rusted parts and free sticky mechanisms, make sure to use a lubricant after to protect metal from rusting. You can use a product like LPS 3 Heavy Duty Rust Inhibitor as a penetrant followed by an all-purpose lubricant such as Starrett’s M1 or you can choose to use a product that does it all, such as WD-40, Crown ALL4 or 3-IN-ONE multi-purpose oil.

2. What are you cutting or cooling? Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium? We have specific products for your specific applications. Do you want one product that does it all? Choose a Lubricoolant. How will you apply the coolant or lubricant? By hand, Lil Mister, pumps, flood coolant system, or a Snap-Loc or Loc-Line Adjustable coolant hose system? Let us help you think out the whole system before you start - it will save you time and money changing from one product to another, cleaning of your fluids, and emptying out your machines.

3. Choose your color, make your mark, and save a ton of time. Dykem Brite-Mark markers, Markal Quik Stik solid paint crayons, valve action paint markers, and liquid paint markers let you mark your tool steel and other metals with size so you can tell what size your raw materials are without searching for other markings. Use a different color for each of your common sizes you stock. So simple – such a time saver.

If you have a suggestion how to use KBC’s offerings of lubricants, coolants, and cleaners to help with your M.R.O. needs, email us at

All Lubricating, Cooling, & Cleaning…All The Time