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Toolroom Accessories

We are a full line distributor for all toolroom accessories click here to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for

All Clamping, Holding, & Fastening…All The Time

Can you even call yourself a machinist or tool & die maker if you don't know how to use a machinist clamping set or shim stock? KBC Tools & Machinery has all the toolroom accessories to ensure you have all the little things you need to hold it, clamp it, and set it up, such as: C-clamps, clamping accessories and kits, die springs, dowel pins, drill bushings, drill rod, fasteners, flat stock, knobs, handwheels, machinist jacks, maintenance sets, shim stock, key stock, spring and ball plungers, studs, nuts, washers, strap clamps, T-slot nuts and bolts, toggle clamps, tooling balls, plus books, and more.

KBC has a full line of toolroom accessories from KBC Brand product, name brand suppliers, and world class manufacturers, such as: Wilton, Valtra, Precision Brand, Morton Machine Works, Ken Forging, Good Hand, Starrett, Holo-Krome, Bessey, Destaco, Calculated Industries, Mitee-Bite, Te-Co, Industrial Press, and more.

Here are 3 products you just have to have to clamp, hold, and fasten with ease:

1. Clean your slot. Every machinist and milling machine needs a t-slot cleaner from Te-Co to clean your milling machine slots of chips quickly and easily. These are so handy, and inexpensive, you should buy them by the dozen because you just know someone else is going to have walked off with your t-slot cleaner when you need it most.

2. Refill your slot. Keep an eye on your machinist clamping set to make sure all your slots are filled. Re-order individual missing or broken t-slot nuts, flange nuts, coupling nuts, step blocks, serrated end clamps, and studs to ensure you always have what you need to set up for machining. Buy some extra of the sizes you use all the time to save set up time. Available as individual pieces by Te-Co.

3. Everybody needs a little music in their lives! – Music wire that is. Music wire is like the duct tape of the machining industry. You can use it for everything, and you can always find a new use for it when you need it most. Springs, wire forms, control linkages, armature binding, ceramic cutting, and more. Order a couple of diameters of this spring tempered, high carbon steel alloy with high tensile strength and high fatigue resistance so you're always ready for the unknown.

If you have a clamping, holding, and fastening suggestion, email us at

All Clamping, Holding, & Fastening…All The Time

Toolroom Accessories