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All Grinding, Sanding, & Deburring…All The Time

The finished surface makes all the difference. Whether you are just taking off a burr or grinding to within a tenth of a thousandth of an inch KBC Tools & Machinery has the buffing wheels & compounds, coated abrasives, cut-off & depressed wheels, deburring tools, diamond and CBN wheels, hand files, grinding wheels, lapping products, hones, mounted wheels, non-woven abrasives, rubberized abrasives, sandblasters and blasting media, sticks and stones, wire wheels and brushes, wheel dressers, and more to finish off your work.

KBC lets you make the most of your finish with its full line of surface finishing products from KBC Brand product, name brand suppliers, and world class manufacturers, such as: Noga, Superior Abrasives, Cyclone Manufacturing, Nicholson, VSM, Shaviv, Norton, Saint-Gobain, Carborundum, Cratex, Pferd, CGW, Standard Abrasives, 3M, Simonds International, Rex-Cut Abrasives, Desmond, Formax Manufacturing, and more.

Here are 3 tips to make your grinding, sanding, and deburring products last longer:

1. Dress your grinding wheels. Use Desmond grinding wheel dressers and cutters to remove dead load from snag grinders in seconds. Did you know that The Desmond Stephan Mfg. Company has been in business manufacturing grinding wheel dresser for use in machine shops and foundries for over 100 years - more than any other company in the United States?

2. Brush your teeth. Whether you are using a smooth cut, bastard cut, second cut, Magicut, Multi-Kut file, you need to brush your teeth with a file card. KBC carries Lutz file cards. Regular use of a file card helps remove built up metal filings allowing your files to maintain metal removal rates and prolong file life. You have to have a file card in your toolbox.

3. Save your hands. Every machinist needs at least one deburring tool in his/her toolbox to quickly take off that rough burrs that slice through everything, including machinist’s hands. Shaviv and Noga have handy to use deburring tools for almost every application from straight edges, holes, double edged, and keyways and in every material from steel, aluminum, plastics, brass, cast iron, etc. Many deburring handles have a hollow handle which allow for deburring blade storage, so that you can even keep a deburring tool in your pocket with the blade safely in the handle or choose the Noga MultiBurr, which is like a fold up Allen key set, complete with four of Noga’s most popular deburring tools.

If you have a suggestion to improve how your grinding, sanding, and deburring products can last longer, email us at

All Grinding, Sanding, & Deburring…All The Time