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Carbide Tooling

We are a full line distributor for all carbide indexable tooling click here to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for

All Indexable Tooling…All The Time

At KBC Tools & Machinery we specialize in cutting tools, both round and indexable. Whether you are looking for indexable boring bars, carbide inserts, countersinks, cut-off & grooving tools, drills, end mills, face mills, threading tools, or toolholders we have what you need to get the job done regardless of what metal you are machining and with the fewest changes to your cutting tool edges. With KBC we diminish your machining down time with indexable tools and accessories from KBC Brand cutting tools, name brand suppliers, and world class manufacturers, such as: Micro 100, Iscar, Korloy, Borite, Mil-Tec, Ceratizit, APT, TMX, ToolFlo, Vardex, Dorian Tool, and more.

Here are 3 tips to keep you up and your downtime low:

1. Stock up on indexable toolholder parts for your indexable tool holders. KBC carries a variety of indexable toolholder parts so that you don’t have to stop doing what you’re doing because you are missing a lock pin, seat, clamp, lock screw, etc. Low prices and small parts that make a big difference in getting your job done on time…or not.

2. Skip the cutting fluid, the mess, and the clean-up while keeping your cool and your cutting edge. Check out the ITW Vortec cold air guns for industrial machining and spot cooling applications.

3. Choose the right insert for the right job and make sure your machine settings are spot on. We all get sloppy once in a while doing the same thing day after day without checking the basics. Remember when you started driving and kept two hands on the steering wheel at all times?

Start with selecting the right insert for the job, whether you are turning or milling carbon steel, alloys, stainless steel, cast alloys, cast iron, non-ferrous, non-metal, aluminum, the right insert for the job makes the cut and the chips flow. Check out our online carbide insert selection charts to make sure you choose the right insert for the job. Coated, uncoated, carbide grade, chipbreaker, machining feeds and speeds, coolant, and you – they all combine to make the perfect cut.

If you have a suggestion how to keep you machining and your downtime low with KBC, email us at

All Indexable Tooling…All The Time

Carbide Tooling