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Surface Plates and Stands

Measuring and Inspection/Surface Plates and Stands 

What you inspect gets respected, and with KBC Tools & Machinery's line of granite surface plates, cleaners, covers, and stands from Brand KBC, Starrett, and Mitutoyo you can be assured that your inspection and quality control facility have the right surface to begin with. Surface plates are available from 9” x 12" up to 36” x 48", from 2" to 12" thick, with 0 ledge or 2 ledges, and in Grade AA for laboratory and metrology use, Grade A for inspection, and Grade B for toolroom use. Plates are available in a granite composite, natural black granite, or natural pink granite, (all harder than steel), to ensure lack of dimensional change over time due to temperature fluctuations. Keep your surface plate clean to prevent abrasion of tools by particles with surface plate cleaner and protecting between uses with a surface plate cover. Place your surface plate on a strong and sturdy surface plate stand, specifically designed to withstand the weight of the plate, featuring casters with floor locks for moveability or without casters for a stationary inspection area. Now you're ready to start inspecting! KBC - All Surface Plates and Stands...All The Time