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Bore and Hole Gages

Measuring and Inspection/Bore and Hole Gages 

Are you boring? …or gaging a hole? KBC Tools & Machinery has the precision instruments you need to measure your hole diameters with ease and accuracy from world class suppliers, such as: Fowler, Brand KBC, Mitutoyo, Starrett, PEC, SPI, Brown & Sharpe. There are so many ways to measure a hole, and KBC lets you explore all the possibilities with dial and digital bore gages for comparative measurements, electronic bore gages and mechanical hole micrometers for direct measurements, bore gage setting master kits, small hole gage sets with full and half ball ends to measure small holes and slots, taper hole gages, and telescoping gage sets that combine with your micrometer or caliper to give you a quick and inexpensive read of your hole diameter. KBC - All Bore and Hole Gages...All The Time