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Radius Angle and Drill Gages

Measuring and Inspection/Radius, Angle and Drill Gages 

It always surprises me that we have clients that can eyeball or sniff the difference between a 17/32" drill and a 13.5 mm drill, but not everyone can do that. Fortunately KBC Tools & Machinery has a full range of drill gages (fractional, letter, metric, and wire gage), angle gages, contour gages to help duplicate any shape even with complex contours, drill point gages to aid in grinding drill points and measuring drill tips, involute gear tooth gages, and radius gages to measure convex and concave radii from Fowler, Mitutoyo, Starrett, Brand KBC, SPI, General, and PEC so that you can figure out what you need before you end up at the front counter waiting to speak to an expert to identify that broken 1/8" drill in your hand. If you don't already have drill gages for all the sizes you use in your shop, get them today and save your time! KBC - All Radius Angle and Drill Gages...All The Time