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Squares and Protractors

Measuring and Inspection/Squares and Protractors 

With KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of squares and protractors from Brand KBC, PEC, Fowler, and Mitutoyo you will easily be able to answer that question for any of your measurements for machining, setup, woodworking, or handyman jobs in the shop or at home. Combination squares are among the TOP 10 items that a new machinist must have in his/her toolbox to aid in layouts, set ups, checking heights, depths, and setting angles. Choose from combination square sets or create your own combination with individual components (center heads, blades, protractor heads, and square heads). Choose a standalone protractor in dial, vernier, or digital varieties for high precision measuring of angles of machine molds, jigs, and more. KBC - All Squares and Protractors...All The Time