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Surface Comparators

Measuring and Inspection/Surface Comparators 

Oh, you're smooth! With KBC Tools & Machinery's offering of surface comparators and surface roughness testers from Flexbar, Mitutoyo, Fowler, and Starrett you will know just how smooth you are. Surface comparators let you visually and tactilely check your finish with specimens for flat lapping, reaming, grinding, vertical and horizontal milling, and turning - perfect for engineers, quality inspectors, and purchasing agents. Surface roughness testers, with or without printers, take the guessing out of the game by using an electronic probe to determine surface roughness against integrated roughness standards and lets you determine with certainty that you are within tolerances required...or not. The Surftest by Mitutoyo is one of the most popular surface roughness testers based upon its small and portable design, easy to read large screen display, and accuracy. KBC - All Surface Comparators...All The Time