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Indexable Spare Parts

Carbide Tooling/Indexable Spare Parts 

Shimmy, shimmy! When you've replaced your carbide insert with a brand new one in your indexable tool, and your cutting accuracy and speed is just not up to par, it’s time to start looking at repairing and replacing those small parts that you just take for granted every day: anvils, cam pins, chip breakers, clamps, lock pins, screws, seats, shims, wedges, wrenches, and keys. Tighten up the loose clamps, lock pins, and screws that hold it all together with a wrench or a key. Ensure that your shim seats are not worn down between the insert and the toolholder to stop that rock and roll. Heck, you should have some extra parts around versus waiting till your important indexable tool holders needs repair to think about ordering all of these small parts that do so much to keep your manufacturing facility working at top speed. KBC Tools & Machinery carries indexable spare parts from Brand KBC, Micro 100, Korloy, Iscar, Borite, Mil-tec, Ceratizit, APT, TMX, Dorian Tool, Tool-Flo, Vardex, and more. KBC - All Indexable Spare Parts...All The Time