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You know the drill! At KBC Tools & Machinery we have the right drill for you from Brand KBC, King Canada, Jet, King Industrial, Palmgren, Shop Fox, and Kent USA. Choose from bench and floor drill presses with a swing from 8 to 27-1/2", spindle travel of 2 to 7", with a 1/3 to 1-1/2 horsepower, in a variety of spindle tapers to get your drilling requirements done. Bench and floor drill presses have an upward and downward moveable table to allow you to bring your workpiece closer to or further from the spindle or to help preset your drilling depth. KBC's selection of radial arm drill presses are heavier duty drill presses with 1-1/2 to 5 horsepower, spindle columns from 30 to 55.9", and come in 1 phase 220 volt, 3 phase 230 or 575 volt. All of KBC's radial arm drill presses have power elevation of the arm so that you can move the head vertically anywhere along the length of the column as well as the ability to move the head horizontally along the width of the arm. Drill press parts, accessories, and tooling is available for all your drilling needs. KBC - All Drill Presses...All The Time