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Rotary Tool and Machine Adapters

Work Holding/Rotary Tool and Machine Adapters 

How quickly do you adapt? With KBC Tools & Machinery's full line of rotary tool and machine adapters you can easily and quickly adapt the end of your tooling or chuck to the right shank to fit into your machine and improve your set up times. Choose from end mill holders, milling chucks and sleeves, milling machine arbors, quick change tooling, shell and face mill holders, tap holders and adapters, plus a whole range of tap holder carts and racks to keep everything organized and at your workstation for improved production and load rates. KBC carries world class manufacturers, including: Collis, APT, Techniks, TMX, Brand KBC, Bison, Briney, and Lyndex. KBC - All Rotary Tool & Machine Adapters...All The Time