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Angle Plates and Sine Plates

Work Holding/Angle and Sine Plates 

So, you've been with your organization for over 10 years, and you think you're a real fixture. Well, the hardest working fixtures in the shop are the angle and sine plates. KBC Tools & Machinery offers a full line of flat and square adjustable angle plates, box parallels, compound, cube, and stepped precision angle plates, sine plates with angular accuracy and minute steps, open and webbed end slotted angle plates with clamping slots for easy mounting of workpieces, and ground and machined universal angle plates from Brand KBC and Suburban Tool. All these angle and sine plates are flat and square and come in either cast iron or ground and machined steel for your metalworking fixturing applications. Raise it up, keep it straight, keep it parallel, angle it, and keep it secure for your endmill, drill, or grinding wheel to do its work. KBC - All Angle & Sine Plates...All The Time