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Snips and Bolt Cutters

Hand Tools/Snips and Bolt Cutters 

Snip that! With KBC Tools & Machinery you have the strength to cut through bolts with ease from mini bolt cutters to 30" heavy duty cutters to get the job done. KBC also carries hand shears that some call lever shears - you pull down the lever to increase your cutting strength, and slice through sheet metal with ease - just don't get your hand in there. KBC also has snips in left, right, straight, and aviation configurations that allow you to cut through rolled steel and other materials like a hot knife into butter, perfect for your HVAC and MRO projects. All snips come with a protective latch so that the cutting-edge stays closed and protects your hands during storage - you just have to remember to engage the latch before putting your snips away in your toolbox or tool bag. Choose from Brand KBC, Tekton, Knipex, Midwest, and Wiss tools. KBC - All Snips and Bolt Cutters...All The Time