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Honing and Lapping Products

Abrasives/Honing and Lapping Products 

After machining it's time for honing and lapping to get the precise and smooth finish you need. While honing usually achieves precise inside diameters and lapping smooths outside flat surfaces, barrel laps are used to finish the inside diameter of gun barrels and center laps are used to finish center holes - go figure. KBC Tools & Machinery offers industrial honing and lapping products from Brand KBC, Flex-Hone, EZE Lap Diamond, Tool & Die, Superior Abrasives, Norton, and more. A wide selection of flex hones, hand hones, barrel laps, needle eye laps, center laps, lapping compounds in a variety of microns, and lapping plates ensure your parts have the smooth finish you require. KBC - All Honing And Lapping Products...All The Time