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Cutting Tools/Drills 

Drill Down! Did you know that drills have the highest metal removal rates of all reductive machining processes? KBC Tools & Machinery has the drills to get your M.R.O. job done, such as: blade type, brad and pilot point, center, cirucit board, coolant fed, cored drills, extra long, indexable spade, jobber length, masonry, reduced shank, screw machine, stub, spotting, step, straight flute, spiral flute, spade, taper length, and taper shank. Plus, KBC offers drill blanks for you to machine your own drills, drill drifts, drill indexes, drill sets, and drill stops so you don't drill too far down. Drills are available in high speed steel, solid carbide, surface treated, polished flute, coated, cobalt, and number, letter, metric, and fractional sizes from Brand KBC, Allied, Cle-Line, dormer, Garr, Imco, Nachi, Precision Twist Drill, APT, M.A. Ford, black and Decker, KEO, Titex, 21CM, and TMX. Hint: Save your cutting edges on your drills with Sleeve Web by Huot - just cut a length and slip your drill in to stop cutting edges from being damaged when stored in your tool box. KBC - All Drills...All The Time