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Taps and Dies

Cutting Tools/Taps and Dies 

I want to tap that! With KBC Tools & Machinery you can tap anything. KBC carries a full line of taps so that you can cut, form, and clean the internal threads you need to bolt or screw your machined pieces together within your prescribed thread tolerances. Whether you are looking for an acme tap, extension pulley, nut taps, pipe taps, spiral flute taps, spiral pointed taps, STI taps, straight flute hand taps (in taper as the starting tap, plug for through holes, and bottoming for blind holes), thread forming taps, or sets KBC has what you need in ANSI and metric sizes as well as special threads from Brand KBC, R&N, Union Butterfield, and Clarkson Osborn. I'd rather Die! When you need to cut or chase an external thread, KBC has the dies you need from hexagon dies for re-threading, cleaning, and repair, and adjustable round split dies for cutting initial threads in metric, imperial, NPS, left hand, and special threads. KBC - All Taps and Dies...All The Time